TV Bliss

4 Apr

I think everyone who knows me knows how much I love my TV shows. April is a great month for TV! Mad Men and Game of Thrones have started and boy did it ever make me happy. I think if there are great shows like this on air forever, it will make the stress in my life disappear. I wanted to start off with Game of Thrones, and tomorrow I will do my review/comments on Mad Men.

I wish people would stop watching shows like The Voice, Dancing with the Stars and everything on E! (excluding The Soup) and invest their time on good TV. But whatever floats your boat I guess.


Just a little history on how my infatuation with G.O.T. blossomed – my boyfriend recommends this show by saying “This is the next Lord of the Rings” Done! I’m sold, lets watch this and see what’s it all about. I ended up watching episode 2 first and then episode 1. Yes, I was confused, but it intrigued me, hints of dragons and families feuding over lands. There are shockers within the entire season, the main character dying, dragons being born, and family connections you did not expect!

Well what do you do when the season is over and you have to wait a whole year for the next one to start? You obviously read all 5 books and now you wait for Mr. Martin to write the next one, and hope with all your heart it does not take 5 years to write!

I spoke with my co-worker who is also a fan of G.O.T. but has not read the books. She was not too pleased with the first epi of season 2. I assured her not to worry, that the story is building up to something awesome. So much s**t goes down I don’t know what else to say!! We did get a little bit of everyone, and what they are up to. Everyone is dispersed and I think you’ll see their characters develop in their own and we’ll all have a favourite character. I am team Daenerys and I love Tyrion as well!

I think from the all the trailers we saw and then the first episode, one of the most intriguing new characters is Melisandre. Who is this woman in red? There is some magic in her we see, so what does this mean for the realm?

There are many new characters introduced in season 2, and more in season 3 etc. etc. I only hope the show does not stray away from the books, for the sake of keeping fans of the show happy. If you are interested in reading the books, but want to skip ahead, the first book and season 1 are pretty much the same. So start reading A Clash of Kings!!

Happy TV watching..whatever you may fancy.


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