Mad Men is Back!!

7 Apr

All is good in life now that Mad Men is back. Sometimes, when a show comes back after a long hiatus, you think it may not be what it was in its glory days. But Mad Men aired little over two weeks ago and just blew my mind! The characters, the clothes, new clients, and all the added drama, just made the show even better. I thought it would start off in a lull and build up, but no, we as Mad Men fans don’t deserve that after months of waiting! And it did not disappoint. I just wanted to focus on some of the characters that really make an impact on the show, they are characters that I love to hate, or just dislike but their actions are justified (I’m talking about Pete).




Now that I mentioned Pete, lets start with Pete. Pete deserves better, but his antics and lack of respect for the senior partners will not do him any good. He does deserve a bigger office, his name should be included in the company name, most of all, he should be living in the city!! That Trudy! I get it, why respect Roger when all he does is drink in his big office? Has he brought any clients in lately? Pete makes us think he hasn’t. But it’s all the work he’s done in the past, he was probably Pete when he was young, but more of a playa! Pete, just stop whining about the injustice everyone is putting you through, and bring in more and more clients and you’ll earn your dues!

Next up Joan. I feel as a young professional I resonate a little with Joanie and Pete. They are relatively in the same boat as far as their professional lives go. They both don’t receive the same recognition they deserve but the only difference is Joan knows how to keep her cool. She didn’t come in a rage to the office demanding if she was being replaced, but she found the answer she was looking for and also discovered she can’t be replaced so easily.

And finally Betty, everyone’s fav b**ch. We can see she’s not happy with her current situation, she’s fat, may have cancer and stuck in a rut. Maybe she liked the drama and the tension her and Don shared, maybe she’s one of those girls who likes jerks as their significant others. When Henry still wants to get it on and says he doesn’t notice anything different, what else does a woman need!! I hope the cancer scare doesn’t make Betty all nice and “live your life to the fullest” kind of a person. I like her mean and icy attitude, it’s what makes Betty, Betty.

Ahhhhhh can’t wait for tomorrow! I hope all our Easter guests leave before Mad Men starts.


One Response to “Mad Men is Back!!”

  1. mightysupers April 7, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    I agree life is good with Mad Men back. Well life is not good Betty.

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