Crazy for Loafers!

14 Apr

When I started my “real job” three years ago, I always made sure my clothes/shoes/accessories purchases were wearable for both work and play. I’m so glad loafers or as I like to call “man shoes” came into style and stuck around. They are great to change into from heels at work and still keep you looking sharp. Since I commute to work, I usually wear comfy shoes to work, and sometimes when I get right into my office I don’t even have time to change into heels. It’s nice to go into your boss’ office in loafers as opposed to running shoes when she needs  a report right away for her morning meeting.

Last summer, I really wanted a loafers with tassels. I found this Steve Madden one in Queens, New York. Although it is patent (not always a fan of patent), the price was right ($30!!) and it had tassels!

I had my eye on these ones the moment I saw them on the Aldo site! They are great for the weekends and I can pull it off at work as well, they are one of the most comfortable shoes I own! I want to get the black ones too, which are on sale at the moment. Just a side note – I prefer purchasing shoes from the Aldo site as opposed to the actual store, the site has a huge variety and is usually cheaper. If you don’t like them you can return them at a store, and if you don’t want to pay shipping, you can also order the shoes at the store (the store will probably not carry all the styles).

This is my fresh buy from Naturalizer, yes, you heard me right Naturalizer. They carry a wide variety of on trend shoes, and you win when you have a Naturalizer outlet near you. I’ve been looking for leopard print shoes forever, and to get a calf hair one for $23 is worth the wait. I’m a bit hesitant  to wear this to work though…


I do have more loafers to share…some of them are at work, but I will do a Part 2 soon!


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