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30 May

I have been eating some serious foods lately. I try to eat healthy during the week, but all hell breaks lose on weekends. Here are some instagram pics of what I have been eating.

Lobster ravioli from Joey’s

Massive burger from This End Up on Dundas and Dufferin

Mango Gelato from The Bay across from Eaton’s Centre (really amazing gelato!!)

Steak from Morton’s (Very pricey both worth it!)

I know it looks sloppy, but it is the easiest cake to make and is very decadent. Anyone can make this!

Here is the recipe I used:


Colour for lips

30 May

As the season changes so should your strategy for make-up. In the winter I like to dress up my eyes (usually that’s the only thing you see when I’m all bundled up) and in the summer time, I usually just put on some concealer, mascara and a bang of colour to my lips. Below are some of the purchases I’ve made. I like to stay in the reds and pinks, but I was drawn to Rimmel’s Kate Moss # 12 – which is a coral/orange colour, I think it would look amazing on any skin tone.  Avon is also a great place to purchase lipsticks, the prices are good and the quality is up to par as well.

The chunky wedge

26 May

Summer is around the corner and I am in the midst of taking out my sandals and storing away my boots. This is a purchase from last year from Urban Outfitters. I bought in full price for $69 and in a few months it went down to $20!! But it was well worth it; it gave me the height that I always am in need of and they are very comfy for someone who walks a lot and uses public transit.

Collar necklaces

19 May

I mentioned faux collars in my last post and now this is the No. 1 item on my wish list. I’ve shortened the list to these 3 below.

This one is from It is pretty fancy fancy, but the price if right ($15!).

This one is from F21. It might be too chain-mail-y for my taste but it is very on trend.

Last but certainly not the least, is this simple one from I might start off with this one to see if I can first of all pull off a collar necklace, if I can make it work, maybe a romwe fancy one will be next!

Peter Pan Collar

8 May

This is a great top for work and then play. As a young 9 – 5’er, I always buy clothes that can work well in the office as well as for going out for drinks after. If there is something different you are looking for a Peter Pan collar top is a great addition to your wardrobe. There are also faux collars out there ( try could work with a crew neck sweater or top.

This top is from Forever 21, it was $18! This was an online purchase, I never seem to find any of the cool styles in the actual F21 stores, maybe they get picked up right away.

Have you been to H&M lately?!

4 May

Oh H&M, how I love thee, I know sometimes, it’s scary to get something at H&M and wear it to a party, fearful that someone else may be wearing the same thing!!! I had a wedding to go to last weekend, and I did buy a dress from H&M, but I was scared to wear it because it was on sale a few weeks back ($20! but it went back up to $40), and didn’t want to be caught wearing the same dress as someone else! I also bought a dress from but I was too cheap to get express shipping and it didn’t arrive on time.

But what I did wear to the wedding and was looking for them everywhere were these blue suede shoes!


They’re real suede and were only $40!! They also had green ones! If only I went to more parties, I would’ve bought the green ones too. I sprayed a suede protector on the shoes and put an insole in them (payless has great insoles!) and I danced in them the entire night. Aldo has nice pastel colour ones too! A purple pair would fit right in my closet. Pair these shoes with a black dress, and DONE you made your statement.

Holy Mad Men!!!

1 May

Spoiler Alert for Season 5 Epi 6 & 7

Every episode of Mad Men gets better and better. Sunday nights can be depressing because you have to get ready for work the next day but Mad Men really makes Sunday nights worth while. Last week’s epi was amazing! During the hiatus I thought Don and Megan would end, but you can really see the love they have for each other. The chase scene in the apartment was intense! Roger on LSD!!! It helped him see things straight, there is hope for Roger and Joanie after all!

Yesterday’s epi was not as intense, but they managed to win Heinz over. I’m not sure about Peggy, I think she is a tad jealous of Megan and is uncomfortable with her live in boyfriend situation. I hope what Sally saw doesn’t scar her. Although she did lie about how her step grandmother tripped, not sure if this dishonesty will turn ugly. We meet Megan’s parents, I thought her dad was very interesting. Don thinks he’s a communist but his views and beliefs are very insightful. When he tells his daughter that she’s drifted from her dream, he was being honest. Yes, your daughter had a huge accomplishment at work, but is that what she really wants? Is a live in boyfriend what Peggy really wants? I know I’m back to Peggy, but ughhh that guy?! I think losing Heinz made her insecure, you can’t be Don, you need to be you to get these clients on your views.

Sally don’t worry, New York is not THAT dirty!