Holy Mad Men!!!

1 May

Spoiler Alert for Season 5 Epi 6 & 7

Every episode of Mad Men gets better and better. Sunday nights can be depressing because you have to get ready for work the next day but Mad Men really makes Sunday nights worth while. Last week’s epi was amazing! During the hiatus I thought Don and Megan would end, but you can really see the love they have for each other. The chase scene in the apartment was intense! Roger on LSD!!! It helped him see things straight, there is hope for Roger and Joanie after all!

Yesterday’s epi was not as intense, but they managed to win Heinz over. I’m not sure about Peggy, I think she is a tad jealous of Megan and is uncomfortable with her live in boyfriend situation. I hope what Sally saw doesn’t scar her. Although she did lie about how her step grandmother tripped, not sure if this dishonesty will turn ugly. We meet Megan’s parents, I thought her dad was very interesting. Don thinks he’s a communist but his views and beliefs are very insightful. When he tells his daughter that she’s drifted from her dream, he was being honest. Yes, your daughter had a huge accomplishment at work, but is that what she really wants? Is a live in boyfriend what Peggy really wants? I know I’m back to Peggy, but ughhh that guy?! I think losing Heinz made her insecure, you can’t be Don, you need to be you to get these clients on your views.

Sally don’t worry, New York is not THAT dirty!


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