Have you been to H&M lately?!

4 May

Oh H&M, how I love thee, I know sometimes, it’s scary to get something at H&M and wear it to a party, fearful that someone else may be wearing the same thing!!! I had a wedding to go to last weekend, and I did buy a dress from H&M, but I was scared to wear it because it was on sale a few weeks back ($20! but it went back up to $40), and didn’t want to be caught wearing the same dress as someone else! I also bought a dress from asos.com but I was too cheap to get express shipping and it didn’t arrive on time.

But what I did wear to the wedding and was looking for them everywhere were these blue suede shoes!


They’re real suede and were only $40!! They also had green ones! If only I went to more parties, I would’ve bought the green ones too. I sprayed a suede protector on the shoes and put an insole in them (payless has great insoles!) and I danced in them the entire night. Aldo has nice pastel colour ones too! A purple pair would fit right in my closet. Pair these shoes with a black dress, and DONE you made your statement.


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