Organizing your beauty products and accessories

26 Jun

Organizing all of your jewelry, beauty and hair accessories all in one place can be a challenge! Below are some ways I try to keep everything within my reach and neat and tidy.

This is my bowl of goodies. I keep my brushes, lipsticks, mascara, concealer all in a bowl. When I’m getting ready for work I like to have all my essentials all in one place. Having a magnifying mirror helps out a lot too.

Beside my bowl is my version of jewelry boxes. The first box has my eye liner pods, foundation and eye shadows. The second box (the faux antique book can be found at Homesense) has casual earrings, third my casual necklaces and the fourth has my sunnies, bracelets and bangles.

Compartmentalizing is key for making sure you can find things when you need and makes you feel good that not everything in your life is in disarray. I have my nail polish in one compartment, my more fancy/vintage jewelry in individual boxes, my lotions, deodorant in one area and hair bands in another.  Homesense and Ikea are great places to purchase organizing compartments. And it helps to get rid of items you no long use!


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