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Add a peplum to your step!

31 Jul

I’m in love with all things peplum, whether it is a peplum top, skirt or dress, it is functional because it can hide your tummy and adds some flair to your outfit. Try a peplum skirt with a chiffon shirt tucked in! What do you feel about the peplum?

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Another Kate Spade bag!

19 Jul

I put in a lot of overtime hours last month and thought a Kate Spade bag was well deserved. This is a soft pebbled leather and is the perfect size! Getting a little bit older makes you appreciate the quality of things. I would like to promise to myself no more bags for the remainder of the year, but who am I fooling…

Easy access compartment for your phone and keys, nice bonus!

Shows to watch during your Summer Staycation

16 Jul

Some people opt out for relaxing staycations whether it’s at your cottage or just lounging around at home. For those scorching hot days or rainy ones, catch up on that TV series your friends have been raving about.

American Horror Story

If you’re not too chicken start this show on a night at the cottage.

Battlestar Galactica

Warning this show is ADDICTIVE, I am currently in the middle of the series, and I watch at least 4 shows every night.

Mad Men

I don’t think one needs convincing of how great this show is.


If you love to make fun of hipsters and the artsy folk, this is the show for you.

Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords Movie please!!!!! I didn’t think two seasons were enough, they are the adorable New Zealanders and will have you cry from laughter.

Other worthy mentions: Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks (I stopped watching in the middle of Season 2, it got really weird, but the season 1 and the first few Season 2 epis were great!), Lost and Dexter.

Beasts of the Southern Wild – WATCH IT!!!

15 Jul

This is THE movie of the year. Watching the trailer didn’t make me think this, but after hearing some good things, and Oscar buzz already; I decided to watch it this past Friday.


Make sure to bring some tissues. The acting, narration and the picturesque shots in this movie are magnificent. I don’t want to say any sort of synopsis for this movie, just watch it!! I like it when there is an Oscar contender movie released in the summer, (Hurt Locker being one of them) it’s a nice break from all the action movies.

Fantastic grabs from far away places

15 Jul

I went to Israel a couple of years ago, did not imagine that I would be coming back with two amazing camel leather bags. A beautiful country full of rich culture, breathing taking sights, and market places with unique goods to die for!

I would love to go back and just soak in sights like this.