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These boots in my wishlist

15 Sep

I feel or I’m trying to convince myself that I have all the types of boots I could hope for…BUT these are just beyond awesome!

picture source:

I love that it’s a chelsea boot (I have a black one from and they are my go to boots) and the steel toe cap is all the rage of the season. This is a great alternative to the steel toe cap flats if flats aren’t your thing.



Ghost Chairs!!

15 Sep

I love love love ghost chairs the concept is really rad especially for small spaces. I bought these 2 from kitchen stuff plus for $100 each!


The smaller things in life

15 Sep

I’m all for the big hold all bag for work, but why should I carry 3 separate bags when I’m commuting to work?! But when you’re having a weekend stroll downtown, or just running errands, leave the big bag home.

I recently bought this bag from J Crew, I had to dish out a little bit more money but the quality of the bag is worth it.



Do you prefer a smaller or a large bag?