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Ghost Chairs!!

15 Sep

I love love love ghost chairs the concept is really rad especially for small spaces. I bought these 2 from kitchen stuff plus for $100 each!



Closet Organization Week

2 Aug

Last week I took yet another stab at organizing my closet. My closet is categorized as a walk-in closet but it really is a “step-in” closet. It usually is neat and tidy but how do I make it neat and tidy and having items at my finger tips?!

These are some of the before pics:

As a shoe-crazed individual I was finding it very difficult to fit all of my shoes in my closet, and as you can see from the image making it harder to get to my clothes at the back of my closet!!!

This is my leaning tower of pants and hoodies. I usually wear pants to work, so having them at the top of my closet makes it really troublesome. I have to get on my computer chair to grab a pair. Also it looks very unsightly.

One solution (still unsightly though) was to utilize every space possible in my closet, the bottom half of my closet door was no exception. I didn’t want to drill holes in the door, so I tied twine from the top hook to 2 pants hangers and hung my other bags at the half way point of the door. I bought cheapy hooks from the dollarstore and hooked them onto the pants hanger, also from the dollarstore.

After pics:

As I sigh in relief, I can finally get in my closet. I moved a shelf I found in the basement and placed my small bags in there, I bought a dollar store step stool to get to the top shelf and the white box underneath is where I store my leather bags without duster bags.

And the tower of shoes have moved to the top shelf, for easy access I cut the front of the shoe box so I can simply pull the shoes I wish to wear. I put my pants in the hanging compartment, and moved the tops that were originally there to a dresser drawer.

My bag door still looks the same, but I did manage to put some bags in the book shelf in my closet. The hoodies have been moved to the shoe rack under my clothes hanger.

I hope I was able to provide some tips, please feel to share any tips you may have, happy cleaning!

Organizing your beauty products and accessories

26 Jun

Organizing all of your jewelry, beauty and hair accessories all in one place can be a challenge! Below are some ways I try to keep everything within my reach and neat and tidy.

This is my bowl of goodies. I keep my brushes, lipsticks, mascara, concealer all in a bowl. When I’m getting ready for work I like to have all my essentials all in one place. Having a magnifying mirror helps out a lot too.

Beside my bowl is my version of jewelry boxes. The first box has my eye liner pods, foundation and eye shadows. The second box (the faux antique book can be found at Homesense) has casual earrings, third my casual necklaces and the fourth has my sunnies, bracelets and bangles.

Compartmentalizing is key for making sure you can find things when you need and makes you feel good that not everything in your life is in disarray. I have my nail polish in one compartment, my more fancy/vintage jewelry in individual boxes, my lotions, deodorant in one area and hair bands in another.  Homesense and Ikea are great places to purchase organizing compartments. And it helps to get rid of items you no long use!

Summer colour for your nails

12 Jun

This is the time when I usually throw out my nail polish that’s all old and dried out with some new fresh ones for the summer. FYI, if there is a colour that you love and has become all crusty, there are nail polish paint thinners out there.

The mint green is from F21 for $3.80, I’ve been wearing it for a week and no chips to report.

The pink and purple are from Walmart for $2.96! I have yet to try them, since the mint green is doing so well on my nails.

The orange one is from Aldo for about $6, I wore it on a weekend when I had to do a lot of dishes, so I will need to wear it again to provide a verdict on them.


30 May

I have been eating some serious foods lately. I try to eat healthy during the week, but all hell breaks lose on weekends. Here are some instagram pics of what I have been eating.

Lobster ravioli from Joey’s

Massive burger from This End Up on Dundas and Dufferin

Mango Gelato from The Bay across from Eaton’s Centre (really amazing gelato!!)

Steak from Morton’s (Very pricey both worth it!)

I know it looks sloppy, but it is the easiest cake to make and is very decadent. Anyone can make this!

Here is the recipe I used:

Colour for lips

30 May

As the season changes so should your strategy for make-up. In the winter I like to dress up my eyes (usually that’s the only thing you see when I’m all bundled up) and in the summer time, I usually just put on some concealer, mascara and a bang of colour to my lips. Below are some of the purchases I’ve made. I like to stay in the reds and pinks, but I was drawn to Rimmel’s Kate Moss # 12 – which is a coral/orange colour, I think it would look amazing on any skin tone.  Avon is also a great place to purchase lipsticks, the prices are good and the quality is up to par as well.

Holy Mad Men!!!

1 May

Spoiler Alert for Season 5 Epi 6 & 7

Every episode of Mad Men gets better and better. Sunday nights can be depressing because you have to get ready for work the next day but Mad Men really makes Sunday nights worth while. Last week’s epi was amazing! During the hiatus I thought Don and Megan would end, but you can really see the love they have for each other. The chase scene in the apartment was intense! Roger on LSD!!! It helped him see things straight, there is hope for Roger and Joanie after all!

Yesterday’s epi was not as intense, but they managed to win Heinz over. I’m not sure about Peggy, I think she is a tad jealous of Megan and is uncomfortable with her live in boyfriend situation. I hope what Sally saw doesn’t scar her. Although she did lie about how her step grandmother tripped, not sure if this dishonesty will turn ugly. We meet Megan’s parents, I thought her dad was very interesting. Don thinks he’s a communist but his views and beliefs are very insightful. When he tells his daughter that she’s drifted from her dream, he was being honest. Yes, your daughter had a huge accomplishment at work, but is that what she really wants? Is a live in boyfriend what Peggy really wants? I know I’m back to Peggy, but ughhh that guy?! I think losing Heinz made her insecure, you can’t be Don, you need to be you to get these clients on your views.

Sally don’t worry, New York is not THAT dirty!