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These boots in my wishlist

15 Sep

I feel or I’m trying to convince myself that I have all the types of boots I could hope for…BUT these are just beyond awesome!

picture source: urbanoutfitters.com

I love that it’s a chelsea boot (I have a black one from asos.com and they are my go to boots) and the steel toe cap is all the rage of the season. This is a great alternative to the steel toe cap flats if flats aren’t your thing.



Add a peplum to your step!

31 Jul

I’m in love with all things peplum, whether it is a peplum top, skirt or dress, it is functional because it can hide your tummy and adds some flair to your outfit. Try a peplum skirt with a chiffon shirt tucked in! What do you feel about the peplum?

picture from: asos.com

Collar necklaces

19 May

I mentioned faux collars in my last post and now this is the No. 1 item on my wish list. I’ve shortened the list to these 3 below.

This one is from romwe.com. It is pretty fancy fancy, but the price if right ($15!).

This one is from F21. It might be too chain-mail-y for my taste but it is very on trend.

Last but certainly not the least, is this simple one from asos.com. I might start off with this one to see if I can first of all pull off a collar necklace, if I can make it work, maybe a romwe fancy one will be next!

Peter Pan Collar

8 May

This is a great top for work and then play. As a young 9 – 5’er, I always buy clothes that can work well in the office as well as for going out for drinks after. If there is something different you are looking for a Peter Pan collar top is a great addition to your wardrobe. There are also faux collars out there ( try romwe.com)and could work with a crew neck sweater or top.

This top is from Forever 21, it was $18! This was an online purchase, I never seem to find any of the cool styles in the actual F21 stores, maybe they get picked up right away.

Have you been to H&M lately?!

4 May

Oh H&M, how I love thee, I know sometimes, it’s scary to get something at H&M and wear it to a party, fearful that someone else may be wearing the same thing!!! I had a wedding to go to last weekend, and I did buy a dress from H&M, but I was scared to wear it because it was on sale a few weeks back ($20! but it went back up to $40), and didn’t want to be caught wearing the same dress as someone else! I also bought a dress from asos.com but I was too cheap to get express shipping and it didn’t arrive on time.

But what I did wear to the wedding and was looking for them everywhere were these blue suede shoes!


They’re real suede and were only $40!! They also had green ones! If only I went to more parties, I would’ve bought the green ones too. I sprayed a suede protector on the shoes and put an insole in them (payless has great insoles!) and I danced in them the entire night. Aldo has nice pastel colour ones too! A purple pair would fit right in my closet. Pair these shoes with a black dress, and DONE you made your statement.

Bright Bags: Go Cheap or Pricey

1 Apr

A bright handbag is a great way to complete an outfit. Along with your beige trench, a bright bag can really make an outfit POP. These are the two bags I bought for the season.

I instantly fell in love with the purple ostrich imprint Kate Spade handbag! I had to have it. But before I purchased it, I had to make sure I budgeted myself  for the month to justify this purchase. This basically means a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and limiting dinner/drinks dates with friends. I think it was worth it.

The second bag is this banana yellow messenger bag. I got this bag from a store in a subway station for $12!

This is my weekender bag, I don’t feel bad when I just shove this bag under a table at a restaurant or a bar and the cross body strap keeps my hands free. I also like to look for a side pocket in a bag, so I can keep my bus pass and phone close to me.

Thanks for reading!


31 Mar

Hello, I feel like I’m late to this phase of the world. You can’t say blogs are a fad, I think they are a great medium to get/share information. I’m not really sure what types of posts I’ll be posting, but it will mainly be about the places around Toronto, I love my city:) And along the way I share some of my purchases and tips on how to save your money!!!

TV shows and movies take up a lot of my time as well. I’ll share with you my comments and recommend some shows that may not be on your radar.

See you soon!